Sports Physiotherapy

At Cherrybrook Physio we specialise in the treatment of all sports injuries. Our in-depth knowledge of spinal and limb biomechanics determines that we are able to treat athletes of all levels to enhance their performance, prevent problems and recover from injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised branch of Physiotherapy that involves prevention, evaluation and management of injuries resulting from sports and exercise participation at all ages and levels of ability. Cherrybrook Physiotherapy offers therapeutic treatment and advice on safe participation in sports and promotes an active lifestyle.

The aim of sports physiotherapy is to treat and completely rehabilitate the athlete after an injury or surgery to prevent further injury and maintain or improve strength, flexibility and endurance to safely return to sport in the shortest possible time.

Kim and Tyron have both completed post graduate specialisation in sport and exercise science and have many years’ experience internationally in the management of sports injuries.

Cherrybrook Physiotherapy

  • Evaluation
  • Treatment & Rehabilitation
  • Prevention
  • Performance Enhancement

Sports Physio for all types of sporting injuries;
We are committed to getting you back on the field and liaise closely with the Sports Physician, Orthopaedic Surgeon and coaches if required. We can also provide ongoing remedial sports massage and a graduated strengthening programme to help minimise further injuries.

Move Better…Feel Better…Perform Better