Acupuncture, is an ancient Chinese system of medicine, where fine needles pierce the skin into traditional acupuncture points to correct imbalances in the body. Tyron Low has studied the art of Acupuncture offering the treatment at Cherrybrook Physiotherapy in a manner which is specific for the treatment of muscular, tendon and joint pain.

Acupuncture is used to reduce muscle spasm and tenderness leading to improved muscle function with less pain.

Dry Needling is a form of therapy adapted from Acupuncture; it applies western based anatomy and physiology to select the points, known as myofascial trigger points, found in muscles throughout the body. Many of these points correspond with those used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Stimulation of trigger points using Dry Needling can desensitise these trigger points, promote healing and enhance production of endorphins.

Both Acupuncture and Dry Needling can be used to treat conditions such as joint pain and osteoarthritis, inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis and disc pain, headache and migraine, back pain, as well as acute and chronic trigger point pain.