Clinical Pilates Classes

Clinical Pilates is a growing specialty and the ideal way to prevent and manage injuries especially lower back pain. The Pilates method emphasisies abdominal strength and core stability while balancing the rest of the body. Pilates exercises aim to condition the body as a unified structure, not simply as isolated muscles.

Clinical Pilates focuses on developing individual programmes of pilates and physiotherapy exercises that aim to treat an injury, tone and stretch your body, correct poor posture, alignment and movement patterns. This will reduce the risk of injury and re-injury in the future. Current research shows that Clinical Pilates core stability exercises when performed correctly and under physiotherapy supervision will reduce low back pain.

Cherrybrook Pilates Classes are kept small in order to give you individual care, modification and progression of exercises that gym classes do not offer. Smaller classes ensure exercises are performed safely and correctly to give you the outcome that you want.

Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings at Cherrybrook Physiotherapy.
Classes run during school terms.

Please call the clinic on 02 9484 3360 to book .